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About Us

Saray Hali, which was established in 1972 in the Develi District of Kayseri and came to this day with successful investments; With its production capacity, product variety, employment, exports and technological superiorities, it is one of the strongest companies in its sector, producing at world standards.

While making progress successfully on the path it embarked on in the textile industry, Saray Halı has stepped into the Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and Livestock industries in the following years and continued its activities increasingly in these industries.

At Saray Halı, which has one of the largest machine-made carpet manufacture facilities in Turkey, all production processes, from dyeing to yarn processing, from weaving to dressing, are all performed in integrated facilities equipped with high-tech systems built on an open area of 500,000 m².

Our company, invested in the energy industry with the goal of “generating its own energy”, established the Natural Gas Fuelled Thermal Cogeneration Facility with a capacity of 4.3 MWe and started to generate electricity.

Carpet production is carried out on carpet looms equipped with the latest technology, electronic jacquard, and and all possible weaving types in Wilton face-to-face construction.

Patterns and color layouts of the carpets are designed by experienced designers in our design studios. Carpets manufactured in different thickness levels, thousands of designs, and colors are offered to consumers with quality, aesthetics, and price advantages.

At Saray Hali, we try to offer to our customers brand new products of technological innovation as quickly as possible by taking into account market conditions and customer demands. In addition, we as a company attach importance to incorporating the use of creative and superior methods of organization and management of all kinds of design, production, research, and development processes carried out within the company. In an effort to ensure that these methods become part of our corporate culture, we emphasize training and apply such methodologies as 6 SIGMA and 6S successfully within the company.

Awards of; Consumer, export, tax, employment, environment, employee and employer of the year, obtaining the first ISO 9000 certificate in the industry, plus more than 1,000 industrial designs, and acquisition of a utility model registration are all indicators of the importance that Saray Hali values to efficiency, innovation, and a modern understanding of human resources management.

With the mentality of "Valued environment and valued people", Saray Hali established the first treatment facility of the Central Anatolia region in 1994. And, in 2006, a Biological Treatment facility was put into service with an increasing environmental awareness. With the contribution of 50.000 trees into nature so far, Saray Halı fulfills all its environmental responsibilities. The goal of our company is not only to increase the quality of production but also to ensure the quality of the living environment and to leave a cleaner and more livable environment for future generations.

With belief in the importance of the trained human factor in the development of the country, our organization has built two primary schools in Develi, a primary school, and a high school in Mustafabeyli Village of Yahyalı District, a 500-person-capacity sports hall, a 400 and a 300-capacity-boarding house for students, multi-program high school in the Yavu Town of Sivas, two high schools, a 500-person sports hall and a 360-capacity boarding house for students in Aladağ District of Adana, and an Animal Health Vocational Higher School in Yeşilhisar, Kayseri.

Acting with the principle of social responsibility, Saray Halı also provides benefits to its employees in the fields of Health, Education, Social and Cultural areas, and also fulfills its social responsibilities towards the region. Our employees benefit from the health unit, playgrounds, market, swimming pool, sports facilities, guest house, and 100 accommodation units located in our social facilities free of charge.

Having left behind a successful period of 48 years, Saray Halı is determined to carry this success even further, thanks to its trained human resources potential, advanced production and information systems technology, product quality, collection variety, strong financial structure, and sales network.